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Volume 15N.º 1 January - April 2007


Manuel J. Donoso Muñoz, Emilio R. Rodríguez Ponce


Understanding of sample distributions for a course on statistics for engineers
Lidia Retamal P., Hugo Alvarado M., Rodrigo Rebolledo V.
Design and manipulation of hidden markov models using HTK tools. a tutorial
Roberto Carrillo Aguilar
Particles association study of a borate sample from Sijes district, Argentina
Rosa M. Torres Sánchez, Lilian E. Mattenella
Reactive fluid flow simulation inside combustion chamber
Carlos H. Salinas Lira, Pedro A. Pacheco Fernandoy
Quality control of cutting tools with minimum material removal
Jandrey Maldaner, Patrick Gleim, Franz Tikal
Mathematical simulation of drying process of chilean gracilaria (gracilaria chilensis)
Antonio Vega Gálvez, Cristian Tello Ireland, Roberto Lemus Mondaca
Comparative study of numerical models for moving interface problems: analysis of the collapse of a liquid column
Juan Pablo Barraza, Marcela Andrea Cruchaga
Control methodology of pm machine with field weakening capability
Delvis González L., Juan Tapia L., Roger Wallace C.
Angely Cárcamo-Gallardo, Luis García Santander, Jorge E. Pezoa
A visualization of inference system through Treebag
Mauricio Aguirre, Eric Jeltsch, Gerardo Rosales
Electromagnetic waves at the plane boundary between two chiral media
Héctor Torres-Silva, Carlos Villarroel-González, Florentino Jiménez-Muñoz
Solitonic waves in biotic-abiotic interfaces based in drude formulation for chiral media
Rodrigo Cancino L., Mario Zamorano L., Héctor Torres S.
Integration of a educational flexible manufacturing cell
Abraham Farias F., Luis Moraga G., Ambrosio Martinich L.
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