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Volume 15N.º 2 May - August 2007


Héctor Torres Silva


Ability of transient analysis method for detecting parametric faults
José Peralta, Gabriela Peretti, Eduardo Romero, Carlos Marqués
Pump-pump four-wave mixing in distributed fiber Raman amplifiers
Marcelo Soto, Ricardo Olivares
Kinematics analysis of a parallel robot with a passive segment
Abdelhakim Cherfia, Abdelouahab Zaatri, Max Giordano
Dilate, a computer tool for design of power overhead transmission lines
César A. Becerra C., Carlos A. Lozano M., Diego F. García G.
3D object reconstruction with calibrated images
Natividad Grandón-Pastén, Diego Aracena-Pizarro, Clésio Luis Tozzi
Computer analysis of non-cavity cervical lesions in an upper premolar
Patricio Cendoya, Jorge Hernández, Emilio Dufeu
Detection and recognition of traffic signals using Matching of Chamfer
Cristián Arriagada García, Diego Aracena-Pizarro
Environmental management cost calculation: activity based costing applied to bus assembly process
Orlando Durán, Jorge Telles, Liziane Lanza
Geomatics technologies applicated for landuse on Easter Island (Chile)
Víctor Fernando Herrera González
Bill Mundy theory, effective rake angle cutting tools in copper alloys
Juan Miguel Godoy R., Jorge Vergara D., Percy Oviedo O., Martín Quispe Y., Edward Gallardo M., Leandro Ramírez H.
Generation of local interpolation sub-domains in meshless methods
Nicolás Ipinza Carrasco, Franco Perazzo Maggi, Juan Aranda Pasten, Luis Pérez Pozo
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