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Volume 16N.º 1 April - Jun 2008


On science, technology and national development
Francisco Rothhammer


3D flow simulation in a partially loaded centrifugal compressor using CFD tools
Jairo Andrés Acosta Rojas, Carlos Alberto Duque Daza, Miguel Mantilla González, Carlos Humberto Galeano Urueña
An optimal location model of undesirable facilities applied to the solid wastes in the metropolitan region
Marcos Medina Tapia, Jorge Cerda Troncoso
Scaffolding como estrategia de tutoria en entornos virtuales de entrenamiento
Angélica de Antonio Jiménez, Brunny Troncoso Pantoja
The finite difference method in real options valuation
Sebastián Otero G., Alejandro Andalaft C., Evelyn Vásquez S.
Reological properties of emulsions of petroleum weighed in water
Héctor Laurencio Alfonso, Yodelkis Delgado Drubey
Electromagnetic compatibility of a dc power distribution system for the atlas liquid argon calorimeter
George Blanchot, Luis Hervas, Jim Kierstead, Francesco Lanni, Sergio Rescia, Mauricio Verdugo, Jorge Pontt, Ricardo Olivares, Hernán Robles, Sergio Díaz
Topologic influence on the conditioning of matrices of electric networks
Miguel Arias Albornoz, Abnery Ortiz Riquelme, Marcelo Aedo Ruz
Minimal loss reconfiguration considering random load: applications to real networks
Hugo Opazo Mora, Luis García-Santander, Enrique López Parra, Rodrigo López González, Jorge Mendoza Baeza
The electric force of a current: weber and the surface charges of resistive conductors carrying steady currents
H. Torres-Silva
Some hints for writing scientific papers
Carlos M. Zapata, Juan D. Velásquez
Designing a multimedia platform for the learning of english in the engineering degrees at universidad católica de la santísima concepción
Claudio Heraldo Díaz Larenas
A methodology for competency oriented curricula design
Rodolfo Schmal S., Andrés Ruiz-Tagle A.
Spatial accuracy in the creation of databases GIS Raster and Vector models
Carlos Mena Frau, Yony Ormazábal Rojas, Yohana Morales Hernández, John Gajardo Valenzuela
EMPT implementation of a Monte Carlo method for lightning performance analysis of transmission lines
Juan A. Martínez-Velasco, Ferley Castro-Aranda
Bill Mundy theory. special drills and taps tools in copper machining
Alejandro Colque C., Alfredo Coria C., Juan M. Godoy R., Jorge Vergara D.
Experimental and numerical simulation of the damp wire drawing process of a carbon steel
Ennio L. Rojas, Diego J. Celentano, Alfredo A. Artigas, Alberto G. Monsalve
Grinding of hardened steels using optimized cooling
Manoel Cléber de Sampaio Alves, Eduardo Carlos Bianchi, Paulo Roberto de Aguiar
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