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Volume 16N.º 2 July - September 2008


Innovation in universities
Fernando Cabrales Muñoz


Extending the e-SCARF model for fraud detection on electronic commerce systems
Francisco Arias, Narciso Cerpa
Congruence values: effects over design and strategic implementation
Liliana Pedraja-Rejas, Emilio Rodríguez-Ponce, Juan Rodríguez-Ponce
Customer subjective perception as a main issue in conceptual product desing. a methodological proposal
Jaime A. León Duarte, Luís F. Romero Dessens, Jaime Olea Miranda
Modular design of scheme coding concatenated for correction error with programming of hardware
Cecilia E. Sandoval Ruiz, Antonio Fedón
Learn by playing with "pre-columbian textiles" through virtual puzzles
Diego Aracena Pizarro, Yerko Paredes Orellana, Julia Córdova-González
Definition of efficient references for regulatory benchmarking of distribution companies
Raúl Sanhueza H., Horacio Díaz R., Ildefonso Harnisch V.
Analysis of the performance of the interleavers of block, golden and relative golden in a of low voltage power line channel
Washington Fernández R., Miguel Román U., Rodrigo Torres S.
Monte Carlo simulation applied to the estimation of voltage dips in electric networks
Miguel Arias Albornoz, Marcelo Aedo Ruz, Gabriel Olguín Parada
3D self ignition in sewage sludge waste water treament
Nelson Moraga B., Carlos Zambra S.
Mixed internal flow with double diffusion of heat and mass
Carlos H. Salinas Lira, Yerko A. Gatica Lagos, Pedro A. Pacheco Fernandoy
Numerical analysis of air behavior in an air conditioning distribution system using K-? turbulence, RNG K-? and Reynolds tensions methods
Luz Rodríguez Collado, María Collado Contreras, Edgar Rodríguez Malaver, Luis Patiño
Solar ultraviolet index increase with altitude
Miguel Rivas A., Elisa Rojas E., Sasha Madronich
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