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Volume 17N.º 1 January - April 2009


Signal integrity challenges
Aldo Morales, Sedig Agili


JGOOSE: A requirements engineering tool to integrate I* organizational modeling with use cases in UML
André Abe Vicente, Victor F. A. Santander, Jaelson B. Castro, Ivonei Freitas da Silva, Francisco G. Reyes Matus
Leadership styles and results of education quality measuring system: an empirical study in Arica-Chile elementary schools
Liliana Pedraja Rejas, Emilio Rodríguez Ponce, Manuel Barreda Olavarría, Omar Sagredo Núñez, Cristian Segovia León
Implementation of a proposal for meaningful learning of kinematics through problem solving
Iván Sánchez Soto, Marco Antonio Moreira, Concesa Caballero Sahelices
Construction and application of a measure form of the managerial diversification
Patricia Huerta Riveros, José Emilio Navas López, Paloma Almodóvar Martínez
Success factors in suppliers of manufactures within the chilean salmon industry
Carlos Torres Fuchslocher, Hanns de la Fuente Mella
Hourly simulation of a combined ejector-vapor compression refrigeration system assisted by solar energy and natural gas
Humberto Vidal, Sergio Colle
Corrosion analysis in gas conduction ducts in a clinker plant
Alex Humberto Restrepo Carvajal, Félix Echeverría Echeverría
Effect of smelting copper slag as fine aggregate on the resistant behavior of concrete
Patricio Cendoya
Thermal analysis of geosynthetics used in the rehabilitation of pavements
osé Norambuena-Contreras, David Zamora Barraza, Daniel Castro-Fresno, Angel Vega-Zamanillo
Challenges of distributed generation on the electric protection in distribution networks
Marta Bravo de las Casas, Yumil Yanez Boza
Analysis and study of the performance of the irregular low density parity check code in low voltage powerline
Washington Fernández R., Cristian Garrido M., Héctor Olivares L.
A diagnostic tool for asymmetric digital subscriber line links
Mario Medina Carrasco, Andrés Carrasco Sternsdorff
MATLAB/SIMULINK com component integration for XBDK case environment, oriented to beamforming aplications
Mariano Raboso Mateos, Alberto Izquierdo Fuente, Juan J. Villacorta Calvo, Lara Del Val Puente, Mª Isabel Jiménez Gómez
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