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Volume 17N.º 3 September - December 2009


Hydro resources and socioeconomic development in arid zones: the importance and perspectives of new technologies for the treatment of natural and/or waste water
Lorena Cornejo Ponce


Multiobjective evolutionary algorithms applied to microstrip antennas design
Juliano Rodrigues Brianeze, Carlos Henrique da Silva-Santos, Hugo Enrique Hernández-Figueroa
Numerical simulation of the melting of particles injected in a plasma jet
Jorge Romero Rojas, Marcela A. Cruchaga, Diego J. Celentano, Mohammed El Ganaoui, Bernard Pateyron
Simulation of digital controllers
Carlos Álvarez G., Andrés Soto P., Francisco Watkins O.
Modeling, simulation and control of surgical laparoscopic robot ‘lapbot’
Sergio Alexander Salinas, Oscar Andrés Vivas Albán
Stand-alone wind energy conversion system with maximum power transfer control
Miguel López, Jean-Claude Vannier
Multiobjective service restoration in power distribution systems using NSGA-II
Jorge Mendoza Baeza, Fabian Rojas Lago
Coal gasification for power generation: analysis with real options valuation
Alejandro Concha A., Alejandro Andalaft Ch., Oscar Farías F.
Cationic dyes removal using ozone, natural zeolite, and ozone/zeolite
Héctor Valdés, Rolando F. Tardón, Claudio A. Zaror
Synthesis, electrodeposition and characterization of a bioabsorbable polymer coating from L-lactic acid for biomedical applications
Diana Carolina Parada Quinayá, Hugo Armando Estupiñán Durán, Darío Yesid Peña Ballesteros, Custodio Vásquez Quintero, Dionisio Laverde Cataño
Leak detection in water pipelines: proposal based on a bank of filters
Lucía Castro Burgos, Héctor Valdés-González
Improving the performance of anti-spam filters using out-of-vocabulary statistics
Pablo Daniel Agüero, Jorge Castiñeira Moreira, Monica Liberatori, Juan Carlos Bonadero, Juan Carlos Tulli
Multiple ant colony system for a vrp with time windows and scheduled loading
Pablo Ortega, Cristian Oliva, Jacques Ferland, Manuel Cepeda
Nonlinear estimation methods applied to a problem of expected inflation
Mauricio Arriagada-Benítez, Héctor Valdés-González, Liliana Pedraja-Rejas
Cultural diversity and third party logistics services: an exploratory study
Marcelo Alvaro da Silva Macedo, Alberto Gabbay Canen
Theory of reliability applied in the evaluation of the life in contact fatigue
Nelson Vanegas M., John Álvarez R., Gilberto F. M. de Souza
An educational application for a product design and engineering systems using integrated conceptual models
Bernabé Hernandis Ortuño, Juan Carlos Briede Westermeyer
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