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Volume 18N.º 1 January - April 2010


Nature, mathematics, engineering and chaos
Eva María Navarro López


Challenges for higher education in knowledge economy
Emilio Rodríguez-Ponce, Álvaro Palma-Quiroz
Degree of supervision as a moderating variable of the relation between leadership and satisfaction, motivation and organizational climate
Alejandro Adrián Cuadra-Peralta, Constanza Beatriz Veloso-Besio
A proposal of meta-ontology for requirements elicitation
Carlos M. Zapata, Gloria L. Giraldo, Jhon E. Mesa
Influence of activated carbon chemical surface composition on the adsorption of benzothiazoles
Héctor Valdés, Claudio A. Zaror
A methodology for the detection and diagnostic of localized faults in gears and rolling bearings systems
César San Martín, Edgar Estupiñán, Daniel San Martín
Knowledge engineering applied to costumer service in the software industry
Mauricio Uriona Maldonado, Adriano Coser
Time series prediction using support vector machines
Juan D. Velásquez, Yris Olaya, Carlos J. Franco
Model-driven reverse engineering and program comprehension: an example
Eugenio G. Scalise P., Jean-Marie Favre, Nancy Zambrano
Opportunities for improvement, from standpoint workers, in a customer service line for mobile telephony
Jorge Iván Pérez Rave
Inclusion of long-range-dependent temporary correlations and self-similar patterns in IEEE 802.3 networks models
Ginno Millán Naveas, Gastón Lefranc Hernández
Two-dimensional simulation of an unstable combustion system
Javier Achury Varila, Carlos Duque Daza, Carlos Galeano Urueña
Modeling of overhead transmission lines for lightning overvoltage calculations
Juan A. Martínez-Velasco, Ferley Castro-Aranda
Thyristor-based AC/DC rectifiers with high-quality waveforms
Miguel Villablanca, Carlos Cádiz, Jorge Tapia
Feeder reconfiguration and capacitor placement in distribution systems: an approach for simultaneous solution using a genetic algorithm
Horacio Díaz R., Ildefonso Harnisch V., Raúl Sanhueza H., Romina Olivares R.
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