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Volume 18N.º 2 May - August 2010


It is trembling…
Miguel Ríos Ojeda


Applications of wavelets in induction machine fault detection
Erick Schmitt, Peter Idowu, Aldo Morales
Fuzzy multidimensional schema transformation from conceptual to logical level
Sabina Carrera Sepúlveda, Marcela Varas Contreras, Angélica Urrutia Sepúlveda
Improvement of classic QRS complex detector algorithm in electrocardiographic signals
Cristian Vidal Silva, Valeska Gatica Rojas, David Alegría León, Paul Arce Lillo
Statistical study of the number of resulting rules when transforming a context-free grammar to Chomsky normal form
Fredy Ángel Miguel Amaya Robayo, Edwin Andrés Murillo Fernández
Systemic tetraheuristic for the TSP
Jorge Iván Pérez Rave, Gloria Patricia Jaramillo Álvarez, Carlos Mario Parra Mesa, Luis Fernando Moreno Velásquez
Design of a hyperheuristic for production scheduling in job shop environments
Omar Danilo Castrillón, William Ariel Sarache, Jaime Alberto Giraldo
Extension of a hypoplastic constitutive equation to simulate cyclic triaxial tests
Hugo Alexander Rondón Quintana
Influence of minimum lubrication methods, optimized cooling and conventional cooling in the quality of ground hardened steel parts
Manoel Cléber de Sampaio Alves, Eduardo Carlos Bianchi, Paulo Roberto de Aguiar
Assessment of cavitation-erosion wear of a high nitrogen austenitic stainless steel from electron backscattering diffraction-EBSD
Dairo Hernán Mesa Grajales, Carlos Mario Garzón Ospina, André Paulo Tschiptschin
Experimental and theoretical study of adiabatic humidification in HVAC&R applications
Néstor Fonseca, Cristian Cuevas
Comparison of sampling chemical species in reacting zones using probes without sonic nozzle
Francisco Cadavid, Julián Uribe, Andrés Amell
Modeling protective devices for distribution systems with distributed generation using an EMTP-type tool
Juan A. Martínez-Velasco, Jacinto Martín-Arnedo, Ferley Castro-Aranda
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