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Volume 18N.º 3 September - December 2010


Manuel Rincón Arche, José Antonio Robla


Velocity and gravitational effects on GPS satellites: an outline of early prediction and detection of strong earthquakes
H. Torres-Silva, A. Souza de Assis
A didactic proposal for the characterization of radio frequency devices and electrical networks at range 100 KHz to 500 MHz
R. Linares y Miranda, H. E. González-Jaimes, J. López-Bonilla
A new hybrid dynamic metropolitan train model
Ingeborg Mahla, Ricardo Ovalle
Dark zones in alarm system of tsunami of warning of tsunami in chile
Gabriel Alvarez, Jorge Ramirez, Lorena Paredes, Miguel Canales
Forecasting ENSO several steps ahead through nonlinear modeling techniques
Giovanni Salini Calderón
Hydraulic balance on mine pumping systems: a case study
Luis Enrique Ortiz Vidal, Danny Eugenio Cabanillas Maury, Roger Abel Fierro Chipana
Characterization of the argentine copper concentrates to evaluate the possibility of a pirometallurgy industry installation
Vanesa Bazán, Pedro Sarquis, Elena Brandaleze, Ivana Orozco
Analysis of satisfaction of students of the faculty of engineering of Universidad de Talca
Hanns de la Fuente Mella, Mercedes Marzo Navarro, María Jesús Reyes Riquelme
Heuristic for the TSS assembly line balancing problem
Pedro Palominos Belmar, Verónica Godoy Villalobos
Knowledge management, leadership, strategy desing and implementation: an empirical study in small and medium-sized firms
Emilio Rodríguez-Ponce, Liliana Pedraja-Rejas, Milagros Delgado, Juan Rodríguez-Ponce
Incorporation of business intelligence elements in the admission and registration process of a chilean university
Luis Fuentes Tapia, Ricardo Valdivia Pinto
Bandwidth reduction on sparse matrices by introducing new variables
Rainer Glüge
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