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Volume 19N.º 1 January - April 2011


The learning objects model for the production and management of educational content
Rafael Morales


Basis and challenges of the application of performance agreements in Chilean higher education
Ricardo Reich Albertz, Flora Machuca, Daniel López Stefoni, Juan P. Prieto, Juan Music, Emilio Rodríguez-Ponce, Jorge Yutronic
Inclusion strategy for mobile technology in the classroom: experience at the Universidad de Tarapacá
Hernando Bustos Andreu, Milagros Delgado Almonte, Liliana Pedraja Rejas
Asynchronous programming model for transactional Web in a distributed environment
Luis Marco Cáceres Alvarez, Miguel Alejandro Pinto Bernabé
A service oriented architecture for the implementation of the personal software process
Erick Salinas, Narciso Cerpa, Pablo Rojas
A genetic algorithm for the Flexible Job Shop problem
Rosa Medina Durán, Lorena Pradenas Rojas, Víctor Parada Daza
Study of absorber based on chiral metamaterial
Perla Espinosa Diaz, Diego Torres Cabezas, H. Torres-Silva
Graphene chiral elements
H. Torres-Silva, J.L. López-Bonilla
Simulation of electric systems with non-linear and time-variant loads
William Carvajal Carreño, Gabriel Ordóñez Plata, Andrés L. Moreno Wandurraga, César A. Duarte Gualdrón
Equivalent circuit of a regulating transformer
Juan A. Martínez-Velasco, Francisco de León
Instantaneous symmetrical components estimation of electrical signals using tuned filters
Johann F. Petit Suárez, María A. Mantilla Villalobos, Gabriel Ordóñez Plata
Parameter estimation procedure for an asynchronous motor simplified thermal model
Julio R. Gómez Sarduy, Percy R. Viego Felipe, Marcos A. de Armas Teyra, Michel García Abreu
Social tariffs for water supply services in Arica, Chile and their theoretical impact on the distribution of wealth of consumers
Maritza Acevedo Antimil, Pablo Arancibia Mattar, Tomás Bradanovich Pozo, Mario Flores Loredo
Transferability criteria of the concurrent approach in the product design and development processes of Chilean small and middle size companies
Carole Baudin
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