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Volume 19N.º 2 May - August 2011


University and society. Forgotten responsibilities?
Eva M. Navarro López, Carlos Villarroel González


Study of time series for 305 nm solar energy UV-B and stratospheric ozone layer thickness Arica in the north of Chile
Miguel Rivas, Carlos Leiva, Elisa Rojas
Impact of ozone treatment on activated carbon surface properties
Héctor Valdés, Manuel Sánchez-Polo, Claudio A. Zaror
Oxide film thickness and microhardness prediction model of Al3003-B14 and Al6063-T6 anodized aluminum using multifactorial analysis
Leonardo Eladio Vergara Guillén, Luis Manuel Nerey Carvajal, Víctor Manuel Guedez Torcates
Three-dimensional synthetic turbulence: anomalous scaling in the inertial range and multifractal properties of the dissipation
Carlos Rosales H.
Modeling, simulation and control of fermentation processes
Nelson Aros, Marcelo Cifuentes, Javier Mardones
Exploring tidal energy for electricity generation: basic issues and main trends
Pedro Bezerra Leite Neto, Osvaldo Ronald Saavedra, Nelson José Camelo, Luiz A. de Souza Ribeiro, Rafael M. Ferreira
Factors influencing on entrepreneurial consolidation: evidence from 14 countries
Agustín Álvarez-Herranz, Pilar Valencia-De-Lara, María Pilar Martínez-Ruiz
A proposal to fault diagnosis in industrial systems using bio-inspired strategies
Lídice Camps Echevarría1 Orestes Llanes Santiago2 Antonio J. Silva Neto
An ant colony algorithm for the permutation flowshop with sequence dependent setup times and makespan minimization
Eduardo Salazar Hornig, Natalia Pavón Weber
An automatic evaluation platform with an effective methodology for teaching/learning computer programming
Jorge López Reguera, Cecilia Hernández Rivas, Yussef Farran Leiva
Audiovisual system for recognition of commands
Alexander Ceballos, Andrés F. Serna-Morales, Flavio Prieto, Juan B. Gómez, Tanneguy Redarce
State enumeration approach in reliability assessment of the Chilean far north power system (SING)
Víctor Fuentes Morales, Osman Duarte Moya
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