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Volume 19N.º 3 September - December 2011


Engineering systems: problems, models and algorithms in decision making
Alfredo Candia-Véjar, Marcela González


Implementation of a fuzzy control for the direct kinematic control of a robot manipulator
D.A. Tibaduiza, I. Amaya, S. Rodríguez, N. Mejia, M. Flórez
Mechanical responses of plasma sprayed coatings from residual stress measurements and finite element analysis: effect of the pore network architecture
Claudia Constanza Palacio Espinosa
Meshless numerical simulation of the non-linear behavior of a material using the finite point method
Luis Pérez P., Franco Perazzo M., Carlos Spa C.
Identification of related multilingual documents using ant clustering algorithms
Ángel Cobo, Rocío Rocha
Empirical evaluation of three machine learning method for automatic classification of neoplastic diagnoses
José Luis Jara, Max Chacón, Gonzalo Zelaya
Carolina Zambrano Matamala, Darío Rojas Díaz, Karina Carvajal Cuello, Gonzalo Acuña Leiva
Training of roles and good practice for quality work of a computer engineer
Yucely López Trujillo, Margarita André Ampuero, Ana Lilian Infante Abreu
Identifying and characterizing of wastes (Muda) in transportation, processes, movements, and waiting time, in nine manufacturing SMEs incorporating the perspective of the operational level
Jorge Pérez Rave, Daniel La Rotta, Katherine Sánchez, Yiseth Madera, Guillermo Restrepo, Mayra Rodríguez, Johan Vanegas, Carlos Parra
The impact of the quality assurance system in the service delivered by the private universities in Chile
Emilio Rodríguez-Ponce, Liliana Pedraja-Rejas, Carmen Araneda-Guirriman, María González-Plitt, Juan Rodríguez-Ponce
Analysis of quality of service and customer satisfaction in two five-star hotels in the city of Cartagena (Colombia) by structural equation model
Juan C. Vergara, Víctor M. Quesada, Ingrid Blanco
Comparative analysis between the chain of textile-apparelin of Jiangsu Province in China and the department of the Atlántico-Colombia
Hugo José Mercado Cervera, Tomás José Fontalvo Herrera, Efraín de la Hoz Granadillo
Financial evaluation of the value generated by an information system in a transport firm
Pedro Manuel Sosa San Martín, Emigdio Antonio Alfaro Paredes
A location-routing approach for personnel transportation
Víctor M. Albornoz, Edward H. Johns
Simulated annealing algorithm to solve the economic lot scheduling problem and the basic cycle approach
José Omar Hernández, Salvador Hernández, Idalia Flores
Corrosion mitigation of buried structures by soils modification
V. C. Córdoba, M. A. Mejía, F. Echeverría, M. Morales, J. A. Calderón
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