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Volume 21N.º 1 January - April 2013


Mining robotics, a potential catalyzer for technological innovation in Chile
Dr. Kasper Stoy


Novel designs of planar filters in microstrip and finline technologies using split ring resonators
A. León, A. Casanueva, J. Herrero, F. Marante
Evaluating interactive digital television applications through usability heuristics
Andrés Solano, Cristian Rusu, César A. Collazos, José Arciniegas
Analysis of power quality on data center
Juan Antonio Suárez, Guillermo di Mauro, Daniel Anaut, Rubén di Mauro, Jorge L. Strack
Software outsourcing risk taxonomy
Gloria Piedad Gasca-Hurtado, Bell Manrique Losada
Developing information systems focused on data quality
Angélica Caro, Alejandra Fuentes, M. Antonieta Soto
Drawing series with the same or different length by means of an event-driven computing language
Maritza Liliana Arganis Juárez, Faustino De Luna Cruz
A secure discussion system with anonymous participation through Web services
Daniel Vásquez, Narciso Cerpa, Renzo Angles
M-commerce service. Interaction system between a mall and visitors using WAP and Bluetooth technologies
Jorge Gómez Rojas, Luis Leonardo Camargo Ariza, Byron Medina Delgado
A method for regional frequency analysis of maximum daily rainfall: application in the Bolivian Andes
José Antonio Luna Vera, Ramón Domínguez Mora
Proposal of a maintenance management model and its main support tools
Pablo Viveros, Raúl Stegmaier, Fredy Kristjanpoller, Luis Barbera, Adolfo Crespo
Effect of reducing traffic speed on the durability of a road asphalt layer
Hugo Alexander Rondón Quintana, Fredy Alberto Reyes Lizcano, Carlos Felipe Urazán Bonells
Application of lean manufacturing in an industry of agricultural equipments
Ana Paula Barth Bartz, Andreas Dittmar Weise, Janis Elisa Ruppenthal
Combustion of rich ethane-air mixtures in inert porous media
Khriscia Utria S., Freddy González B., Mario Toledo T.
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