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Volume 21N.º 2 May - August 2013


Recognition to the scientific production in Chile
Horacio Díaz Rojas


Segmentation of license plates through clustering techniques in external environments
Juan Rojas Henriquez, Diego Aracena Pizarro
Visual model for mapping and morphological referents analysis: educational application in industrial design
Juan Carlos Briede Westermeyer, Alonso Rebolledo Arellano
Improving heuristic algorithms for NP-C E-TCP problem
Juan Cockbaine Ojeda, Rubén Silva Urrea
Hint generation for learning programming for competitions using static and dynamic analysis of solutions
Enrique José Altuna Castillo, Lisandra Guibert Estrada
Process and tool for requirements traceability
Marco Toranzo, Gilberto Cysneiros, Felipe Tirado
Analysis of the determinants of the perceived quality service provided by credit union: an application based on models of structural equations
Hanns de la Fuente Mella, Isabel Díaz Bravo
The copper market worldwide: trends, risks, characteristics and potential future growth
Manuel J. Donoso Muñoz
Selection of a mother wavelet for frequency analysis of transient electrical signals using WPD
E. Gómez-Luna, D. Silva, G. Aponte
Determination of reliability in high voltage breakers: case study
Israel Gondres Torné, Raúl Báez Prieto, Santiago Lajes Choy, Alfredo del Castillo Serpa
State of the art in structural integrity of welded joints and crack models for structures life management
Oscar Javier Araque de los Ríos, Nelson Arzola de la Peña
Getting design events of bivariate functions bymeans of the bisection method
Maritza Arganis Juárez, José Luis Herrera Alanís, Ramón Domínguez Mora
An overview for the microstructural properties of the Al-Fe-Cr alloy
S. Valdez, A. Molina, B. Campillo, J. Juárez, A. Rodríguez
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