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Volume 21N.º 3 September - December 2013


Biophysical methods and engineering: transdisciplinary systemic perspective
Claudia Hernández Aguilar, Arturo Domínguez Pacheco, José Luis López Bonilla, Efraín Martínez Ortiz, Alfredo Cruz Orea


A requirements engineering approach based on the alignment of data warehouses and business strategy
Ania L. Cravero, Samuel E. Sepulveda, José N. Mazón, Juan C. Trujillo
Decision-making process and organizational performance in private companies in northern Chile
Emilio Rodríguez-Ponce, Liliana Pedraja-Rejas, Carmen Araneda-Guirriman
The methodology of real options: an application to the case of a paper company in the Biobio region, Chile
Rodrigo Ahumada V., Alejandro Andalaft Ch.
CFD prediction of hydrodynamic behavior in the scale up of a stirred tank reactor for aerobic processes
Ricardo Gelves, Aldo Benavides, Juan Carlos Quintero
New procedure to assess the fatigue behavior in asphalt pavements by Fénix test
Gonzalo A. Valdés V., Félix E. Pérez-Jiménez, Ramón Botella N.
Joule losses in feeders that transport harmonic currents in low voltage
Guillermo F. di Mauro, Juan A. Suárez, Daniel O. Anaut, Rubén R. di Mauro, Carlos A. Agüero
Methodology for the design of a stand-alone photovoltaic power supply
Julio López Seguel, Seleme Isaac Seleme Junior, Pedro F. Donoso-Garcia, Lenin Martins Ferreira Morais, Porfirio Cabaleiro Cortizo, Marcos A. Severo Mendes
Model for network representation and optimal path search in Geographic Information Systems
Rafael Rodríguez-Puente, Manuel S. Lazo-Cortés
A simplified multifractal model for traffic flows in high-speed computer networks
Ginno Millán Naveas, Enrique San Juan Urrutia
Characterization of DGEBA and TMAB monomers, and monitoring the cross linking reaction by Raman spectroscopy
Fabio Augusto Mesa Rueda, Alneira Cuéllar Burgos, Jairo Ernesto Perilla Perilla, Carlos Vargas-Hernández
Dense disparity map for the color stereoscopic image on the Clifford domain
André Luiz Pasquali, Milton Ernesto Romero Romero, Evandro Mazina Martins
Keypoint detection through SIFTparallelization on GPU
Diego Aracena-Pizarro, Nicolás Daneri-Alvarado
Study of the seismic organization around the earthquake of July 24th, 2001 in northern Chile
Bianca Glass, Carlos Leiva, Carlos Meneses
Proposal to implement a knowledge management system to support the design of an online course
Cristian Sandoval Yáñez
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