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Volume 22N.º 2 April - Jun 2014


Challenges and roles for higher education
Liliana Pedraja-Rejas, Emilio Rodríguez-Ponce


Wireless smart environment in Ambient Assisted Living for people that suffer from cognitive disabilities
Marcelo J. Villarroel F., Carlos H. Villarroel G.
Ubiquitous health monitoring in real-time with WBSN
Héctor Kaschel Cárcamo, José Pérez Bahamondes
Transmission expansion planning considering multiple generation scenarios and demand uncertainty
Carlos Adrián Correa, Ricardo Bolaños, Antonio Escobar
Production and characterization of niobium carbide coatings produced on tool steels by thermoreactive deposition/diffusion
F.E. Castillejo, D.M. Marulanda, J.J. Olaya
Chord profile influence on the fatigue failure of a t-butt weld joint
Nelson Arzola de la Peña, Oscar Javier Araque de los Ríos
A development of census and survey integrated database using elements of business intelligence and SIG
Robert Cornejo, Mónica Navarrete, Ricardo Valdivia, Patricio Aroca, Sebastián Aracena
Design method for a Historical Data Warehouse, explicit valid time in multidimensional models
Carlos G. Neil, Marcelo E. De Vincenzi, Claudia F. Pons
Transforming requirements represented by pre-conceptual schemas into interaction models of holonic systems
Carlos M. Zapata, Gloria L. Giraldo, Germán Zapata, Adrián S. Arboleda
Formal specification in context: current and future
Edgar Serna M., Alexei Serna A.
María Alejandra Guerrero Hernández, André Felipe Henriques Librantz
Lean Six Sigma in small and medium enterprises: a methodological approach
Heriberto Felizzola Jiménez, Carmenza Luna Amaya
Characterization of the product systems under customization, variability and differentiation. A study with experts
John J. Cardozo V., Bernabé Hernandis O., Nélida Y. Ramírez T.
Application of the Method of Musical Composition to the teaching and learning units assignment problem
Rafaela Blanca Silva López, Rosa Elena Cruz Miguel, Eric Alfredo Rincón García, Roman Anselmo Mora Gutiérrez, Antonin Ponsich
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