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Volume 22N.º 3 July - September 2014


Chile: A critical look to research on management in Latin America over the last 25 years
Guillermo Armando Ronda-Pupo, Carlos Díaz-Contreras


Proposal of bases for networks implementation HAN and smartmeters in smartgrids
Héctor Kaschel Cárcamo, Eduardo Viera Riquelme
Study of the performance of the concatenation of low complexity equalizer with code NRZ-irregular LDPC for wireless mobile channels
Washington Fernández R., Pedro Carrasco P.
Development of a virtual drive system of an underwater mobile platform inspired in biomimicry
Rubén Darío Muelas H., José Tomás Buitrago, Breyner Posso Bautista
Multichannel system with virtual instrumentation for an electronic tongue
Álvaro A. Arrieta A., Rosa L. Tarazona C.
Augmented decision tree models using self-organizing maps
Wilson Castillo-Rojas, Fernando Medina-Quispe, Claudio Meneses-Villegas
A flexible model for city distribution simulations
Pablo Ramírez, Paul Leger, Andrés Vallone
Automatic segmentation of news through prosodic forms processing
Lluís Mas Manchón
Segmentation and classification of universities in Chile: disadvantages from the start and effects of public financing policies
Luis Améstica Rivas, Héctor Gaete Feres, Xavier Llinas-Audet
Comparative study of the actions to consider in the process of conceptual design from the engineering and the product design
Mauricio Guerrero Valenzuela, Bernabé Hernandis Ortuño, Begoña Agudo Vicente
Model for organizational assessment at the start of a software process improvement
Yaimí Trujillo-Casañola, Ailyn Febles-Estrada, Giraldo León-Rodríguez
Leadership in IT adoption in SMEs. Just owner involvement is important?
Susana Álvarez Tapia, Alejandro Cataldo, Leonardo Zambra Alcayaga
An empirical analysis of trade recommendations on social networking sites
Javier Rondán-Cataluña, Jorge Arenas-Gaitán, Patricio Ramírez-Correa
Evaluation of the characteristics of software agent
Héctor Soza Pollman
Corrosion resistance of NbC coatings on AISI316L steel deposited with UBM
Laura Angélica Ardila Rodríguez, Jhon Jairo Olaya Flórez, José Manuel Arroyo Osorio
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