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Volume 23N.º 1 January - March 2015


The quality assurance: a strategic imperative in higher education
Liliana Pedraja-Rejas, Emilio Rodríguez-Ponce


Normalized static indexes for voltage stability based on reactive power reserves and loadability margins
Jorge W. González, Hugo A. Cardona, Idi A. Isaac, Gabriel J. López
Optimal cyclic code and rotated constellations for channel of transmission with low voltage electric line
Washington Fernández
Restoration of ancient bronze bells. Part II: welding
Ernesto Ponce L.
Predictive-cooperative control for the operation of a centrifugal pump network in a serial multiproductpipeline system
José Noguera Polania, Carlos Robles Algarín, Jordan Guillot Fula
Identification and extraction of memes represented as semantic networks from free text online forums
Héctor Beck-Fernández, David F. Nettleton
Extraction of goals and their classification in the KAOS model using natural language processing
Luis Alfonso Lezcano R., Jaime Alberto Guzmán L., Sebastián Alonso Gómez A.
Range image registration by means similarity between regions
Manuel A. Maldonado, John W. Branch, German Sánchez T.
Bidirectional topological optimization with material penalization scheme and displacement constraints
Patricio Uarac P., Patricio Cendoya H., Juan Pablo Sanhueza O.
Development and implementation of a chemical vapor deposition reactor to obtain thin films
M. Arroyave, J.M. Jaramillo, M. Arenas, C. Saldarriaga, J. Jaramillo, V. Londoño
Structural and morphological behavior of bismuth thin films grown through DC-magnetron sputtering
Claudia Milena Bedoya-Hincapié, Jhonattan de la Roche, Elisabeth Restrepo-Parra, José Edgar Alfonso, Jhon Jairo Olaya-Florez
Evaluation method for the switching rules between normal and reduced inspection plans based on Military Standard 105e
Nestor Enrique Caicedo Solano, Laura Juliana Mahecha Bernal
Impact of 5S on productivity, quality, organizational climate and industrial safety in Caucho Metal Ltda.
Eileen Julieth Hernández Lamprea, Zulieth Melissa Camargo Carreño, Paloma María Teresa Martínez Sánchez
Improved genetic algorithm for total tardiness minimization in a flexible flowshop with sequence-dependent setup times
Eduardo Salazar Hornig, René A. Sarzuri Guarachi
Multi-criteria modelling of mercury pollution prevention level in dental institutions
Jorge Pérez Rave, Mónica Trujillo, Gloria Castro, Gabriel Gómez
Modelling distance education management system in Brazil using coloured Petri nets
Régia T. S. Araújo, Manuel E. S. Araújo, Fátima N. S. de Medeiros, Giovanni C. Barroso
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