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Volume 23N.º 2 April - Jun 2015


Interfaces for humans: beyond keyboards and mice
Raúl Herrera Acuña


Dynamics of a magnetic particle under the influence of oscillatory fields
Ana M. Cabanas, David Laroze
Dimensioning of optical multicast for dynamic WDM convergent access networks
Gustavo Puerto Leguizamón, Miguel Sastoque Caro, Carlos Suárez Fajardo
Lean production system model with Petri nets to support for decision making
Alberto Morales Varela, Jorge Armando Rojas Ramírez, Luis Héctor Hernández Gómez, Ángel Morales González, María Yanet Jiménez Reyes
Development of a scale prototype of isokinetic dynamometer
Daniel Alejandro Ponce Saldías, Daniel Martins, Carlos Martin, Fabíola Da Silva Rosa, Carlos Rodrigo de Mello Roesler, Ari Digiácomo Ocampo Moré
Influential contextual attributes in the requirements elicitation process: a comprehensive literature review
Dante Carrizo Moreno
A meta-modeling and visualization environment based on Zoomable User Interfaces
Jaime A. Pavlich-Mariscal, Hernan D. Veliz-Quispe, Steven A. Demurjian, Laurent D. Michel
Correction of infrared images using a extended filter of constants statistics
F.O. Torres Vicencio, A.G. Jara Chávez, R.A. Ortega Beltrán
Development of a simulator for the quantum cryptography protocol E91 in a distributed environment
Luis Cáceres Alvarez, Roberto Fritis Palacios, Patricio Collao Caiconte
Influence of microstructure in the tribological behavior of cemented carbides (WC-Co) boronized
David Coureaux M., Roberto Sagaró Z., Jorge Calzadilla R., Álvaro Mestra R., Luis Llanes P.
Simulation of biodegradation process of wastewater from meat industry by means of a multilayer perceptron artificial neural network
José C. Cúrvelo Santana, Sidnei A. de Araújo, Joana P. M. Biazus, Roberto R. de Souza
Energetic contribution of anaerobic digestion to the production process of biodiesel from microalgae
Patricio Neumann, David Jeison
Characterization of an electrochemical reactor operating in galvanostatic mode for recovering of exhausted etching baths
Henry Reyes Pineda, Leidy Carolina Cardona Hernández, Valentín Pérez Herranz
Advanced metering in buildings: strategies for increasing its use
Marina S. de Oliveira Ilha, Jorge Venâncio de Freitas Monteiro
Field research in information and communication technologies: governance strategy at Universidad de Medellín
Liliana González P., Sandra Arango, Claudia Vásquez, Jennifer Ospina
Influence of gait asymmetry on hip joints biomechanical behavior in patients with transfemoral prostheses
Leonardo Broche Vázquez, Mauricio Torres Quezada, Carlos Díaz Novo, Pedro Pérez Bonne, Roberto Sagaró Zamora
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