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Volume 24N.º 1 January - March 2016


Project assessment and operational flexibility: VAN and more
Carlos A. Díaz-Contreras, Gabriela A. Díaz-Vidal


Wavelets, linear prediction and backpropagation networks for speech recognition system
Enrique San Juan, Marcela Jamett, Héctor Kaschel, Luis Sánchez
Cross-layer design for real-time scalar and multimedia contents transmission in wireless sensor networks
Albeiro Cortés C., Néstor Peréa T., Miguel Labrador
Analysis of a planar manipulator operated by impulsion forces
Edgar A. Grisales V., Héctor F. Quintero R., Mauricio Monroy J.
Comparative study based on metrics for various reactive navigation architectures
Felipe Correa, José Gallardo, Nelson Muñoz, Ricardo Pérez
A new approach to optimal allocation of reclosers in distribution systems considering service quality and fixed costs
Oscar D. Montoya G., Ricardo A. Hincapié I., Mauricio Granada E.
G.D. Mendoza-Mendoza, G. Gutiérrez-Alcaraz
Linear model to estimate the degradation index on the processing of recycled polypropylene due to the addition of stabilizer
J. Vélez, E. De La Hoz
Influence of tempering process on the mechanical behavior of dual phase steels for automotive applications
Rodolfo Rodrí­guez-Baracaldo, José Manuel Arroyo-Osorio, Yeison Parra-Rodríguez
Control of software projects: actuality and challenges for the Cuban industry
Jacqueline Marí­n Sánchez, José Alejandro Lugo García
Productivity analysis for certified and uncertified companies in the Business Ant i-Smuggling Coalition (BASC) in the city of Cartagena, Colombia
Tomás José Fontalvo Herrera
Gender classification using frequency vectors based on local descriptors
Eduardo Aguilar-Torres, Juan Bekios-Calfa
Optimization model to sustainable design of multiple-products recycling supply chain
Michael Feitó Cespón, Roberto Cespón Castro, Manuel Alejandro Rubio Rodrí­guez
Formalizing a working model with businesses in an engineering career
Rodolfo Schmal Simón, Sabino Rivero Flores, Cristian Vidal Silva
The importance of the diagrams in the resolution ofproblems concerned deformable bodies in Mechanics: the case offriction forces
Nehemí­as Moreno Martínez, Vicenç Font Moll, Juan C. Ramí­rez Maciel
Reactive control architecture for autonomous mobile robot navigation
Gustavo Acosta, José Gallardo, Ricardo Pérez
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