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Volume 24N.º 2 April - Jun 2016


Open standards and interoperability: GTFS case
Ricardo Valdivia, Mónica Navarrete


Study of the performance of the two-dimensions constellations with optimum rotations concatenated with interleavers golden for channel with class A noise
Washington Fernández Ravanales
Reliability evaluation of circuit breakers according to Norsok Standard Z-013
Israel Gondres Torné, Santiago Lajes Choy, Alfredo del Castillo Serpa
Electrochemical and wear behavior of niobium-vanadium carbide coatings produced on AISI H13 tool steel through thermo-reactive deposition/diffusion
Fabio Enrique Castillejo Nieto, Jhon Jairo Olaya Floréz, José Edgar Alfonso Orjuela
Dielectric and biochemical response of a PLA-PGA-HAp-Chitosan-Collagen coated on Ti6Al4V
Nerly Deyanira Montañez Supelano, Darío Yesid Peña Ballesteros, Hugo Armando Estupiñán Durán
Theoretical and experimental study of the phenomenon of post weld cooling in a cruciform welded joint
Oscar Javier Araque de los Ríos, Nelson Arzola de la Peña
Study of thermal shock resistance of flame sprayed coatings manufactured to protect molds used in glass containers industry
David Franco, Fabio Vargas, Esperanza López
Monitoring system for patients with treatment of tendinosis of patellar tendon using Kinect
Jonathan Córdova-Guarachi, Diego Aracena-Pizarro, Jorge Corrales-Muñoz
What do researchers mean by "the right requirements elicitation techniques"?
Dante Carrizo, Cristián Ortiz, Luis Aguirre
Cervix cells image segmentation and evaluation of features for cervical neoplasia detection
Marcela Mejia, Astrid Rubiano, Marco Alzate
Objective evaluation to plan and allocate parallel tasks in multicomputer system
Apolinar Velarde Martínez, Enrique Luna Ramírez, Jorge Soria Cruz, Eunice Ponce de León Sentí
A column generation-based algorithm for solving combined inventory and routing problems
Carlos Franco-Franco, Juan Carlos Figueroa-García
Determination of oxidation rates, nitrification and sedimentation in the process of self-purification of a mountain river
Jorge Virgilio Rivera Gutiérrez
Analysis of information disclosure for Chilean case using multiple correspondence methodology
Berta Silva Palavecinos, Ricardo Campos Espinoza, Hanns de la Fuente Mella, David Cademartori Rosso
Field mapping of knowledge in entrepreneurial intentions through analysis of social knowledge network
Iván Montoya Restrepo, Alejandro Valencia Arias, Alexandra Montoya Restrepo
Taxonomies of techniques and tools for Knowledge Engineering: guide for knowledge project development
Vanessa Rodríguez-Lora, Mónica Henao-Cálad, Alejandro Valencia Arias
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