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Volume 24N.º 3 July - September 2016


On the importance of nonlinear systems in science and engineering
David Laroze


Inter-area oscillation study for different SIC-SING interconnection
F. Salinas, C. Rahmann, L. Vargas
Power system stress analysis for main grid substations in Brazil
Paulo R. Duailibe Monteiro, Carlos A. P. Soares, Leonardo de C. Rocha, Wainer S. Silva
Distributed slack optimal power flow formulation for determining locational marginal price
Raúl Sanhueza H., Ildefonso Harnisch V.
Generation of signals for radio over fiber system based on electrical combination of baseband and radiofrequency components
Manuel Cely, Rafael Muñoz, Gustavo Puerto, Carlos Suárez
Routing wavelength assignment: New snake-one heuristic for WDM networks with dynamic traffic
Arturo Rodríguez García, Washington Fernández Ravanales, Leonardo Ramírez López
Creating maintainable software products from the development process: The reference model MANTuS
Jennifer Erazo Martínez, Andrés Florez Gómez, Francisco J. Pino
Usability evaluation of a course management system based on Lingweb platform
Javier M. Reyes Vera, Martha Isabel Berdugo Torres, Liliana Machuca Villegas
Portable electronic tongue for the analysis of raw milk based on PSoC (Programmable System on Chip) and Android technology
Álvaro Arrieta Almario, Oscar Fuentes Amín
A multicriteria model to evaluate airport ramp safety: A study at São Paulo International Airport
Tiago José Menezes Gonçalves, Anderson Ribeiro Correia
Structuring multicriteria model for airports selection for cargo airlines exclusively
Miguelangelo Geimba de Lima, Mischel Carmen Neyra Belderrain
A proposed methodology for the selection of the inmotic distribution centers configuration using data envelopment analysis
Oscar Buitrago Suescun, Oscar Palacio León, Rodrigo Britto Agudelo, Wilson Adarme Jaimes
Algorithms for the problem of location of plants and distribution centers maximizing Benefit
Luis Flores Garrido, Cristian Oliva San Martín
An ant colony algorithm for scheduling flexible flowshop with sequence dependent setup times and total tardiness minimization
Eduardo Salazar Hornig, Deisy Torres Pérez
Reliability based design optimization using a genetic algorithm: application to bonded thin films areas of copper/polypropylene
Leandro Luis Corso, Alexandre Luis Gasparin, Herbert Martins Gomes
Effect of seat inclination on intradiscal pressure during simulated driving task, assessed using a biomechanical model
Fernanda Maradei, Leonardo Quintana, Javier Castellanos
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