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Volume 24N.º 4 October - December 2016


The relevance of the strategic perspective in the universities management
Emilio Rodríguez-Ponce


Application of D-optimal design for modelling the adsorption of Cl-VOCs onto modified natural zeolites
Andrés L. Riquelme, Héctor Valdés
Effect of water on the bitumen and its possible influence in the moisture damage on a porous asphalt mixture
Hugo Alexander Rondón Quintana, Juan Carlos Ruge Cárdenas, Luis Ángel Moreno Anselmi
Optimal state selection and tuning parameters for a degradation model in bearings using Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients and Hidden Markov Chains
Mauricio Holguín, Álvaro Ángel Orozco, Germán A. Holguín, Mauricio Álvarez
Design of a wireless sensor network for monitoring of flash floods in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia
Alejandro Cama-Pinto, Melisa Acosta-Coll, Gabriel Piñeres-Espitia, José Caicedo-Ortiz, Ronald Zamora-Musa, Jorge Sepulveda-Ojeda
Location and size of renewable energy sources and capacitors in radial distribution systems with commercial losses
John Edwin Cándelo Becerra, Helman Enrique Hernández Riaño, Alcides Ricardo Santander Mercado
Factors involved in a scientific publication: a critical review
Francisco Ganga, Juan Castillo, Liliana Pedraja-Rejas
Hybrid algorithm based machine learning for missing data management applications OLAP
Claudia Liliana Hernández García, Jorge Enrique Rodríguez Rodríguez
Modular robot used as a beach cleaner
Felippe Schmoeller da Roza, Vinicius Ghizoni da Silva, Patrick Jose Pereira, Douglas Wildgrube Bertol
Classification of requirements elicitation practices in agile developments: a systematic mapping
Dante Carrizo, Jorge Rojas
Applications of artificial intelligence in supply chain process: a systematic review
Gabriel A. Icarte Ahumada
Alain Pérez Acosta, Mailyn Moreno Espino, Reinier Bandón Casamayor
Adequacy profile of software requirements elicitation techniques
Dante Carrizo, Iván Quintanilla
Document requirements elicitation: A systematic review
Edgar Serna M., Jorge Hernán Suaza J.
Prediction of academics marks of informatics students using neural networks
Jorge Álvarez Blanco, Rogelio Lau Fernández, Sonia Pérez Lovelle, Exiquio C. Leyva Pérez
Modelling of a refrigeration system characterized under extended operating conditions
Cristian Cuevas, Néstor Fonseca
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