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Volume 24N.º Especial - 2016


Mechanical Engineering in Chile: present and future
Mario Toledo Torres, Franco Perazzo Maggi


Enhanced method for multi-scale wind simulations over complex terrain for wind resource assessment
A. Flores-Maradiaga
Influence of infill parameter on the mechanical resistance in 3D printing, using the Fused Deposition Modeling method
Kenny L. Alvarez C., Rodrigo F. Lagos C., Miguel Aizpun
Response of a vibrating screen when it loses stiffness in the supports
Manuel Moncada, Cristian G. Rodríguez
Analysis of significative variables for the generation of an inventory of emissions from mobile sources and their projections
Sebastián Tolvett Caro, Pilar Henríquez, Mauricio Osses
Experimental characterization and modelling of a reversible heat pump for electric automotive application
Cristian Cuevas, Vincent Lemort
Determination of production capacity constraints in the process of obtaining copper
Jaime Núñez Segovia, Johann Godoy Garvs, Luis Pérez Pozo
Estudio de una válvula L a través de números adimensionales
Gabriel Cristiano Kuhn, Maria Luiza Sperb Indrusiak, Lawrence Shadle
Methodology satellite lito dynamics and scanning of soils for verification or identification of new sources of water underground for the use of rural drinking water systems
Pedro Sariego, Claudio Olguín, Félix Pizarro, Marcelo Muñoz
Innovation on solar dehydrator
Jaime Espinoza S.
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