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Volume 25N.º 1 January - March 2017


Challenges to higher education governance in Ibero-America
J.J. Brunner, Liliana Pedraja Rejas


Plasma based frequency tunable inverted microstrip antenna
Francisco Pizarro Torres, Romain Pascaud, Olivier Pascal, Thierry Callegari, Laurent Liard
Development communications protocol for networks HAN in SmartGrids
Héctor Kaschel Cárcamo, Eduardo Viera Riquelme
A proposal of robust tunning rules for PI-2DoF controllers
Maibeth Sánchez Rivero, Orestes Llanes Santiago
Comparative analysis of semi-active control algorithms applied to magnetorheological dampers
Luis A. Lara V., José L.V. Brito, Yamile Valencia G.
Obtaining the frequency response in transformers in service
E. Gómez-Luna, G. Aponte M., J. Pleite G.
Design of fuzzy control strategy applied to food process deep freeze
Rafael J. García, Angel D. Pinto, José Eduardo Rengel, Juan M. Torres, Jaime A. González, Nelson A. Pérez
Statistical study of the incidence of some synthesis variables on the crystallinity and other properties of Ni,Fe hydrotalcites like compounds
Viky-C. Mujica-F., Carlos F. Linares, Ingrid Velásquez
Analysis of the biocompatibility of Ti6Al4V and stainless steel 316 LVM based on effects of pH, applying criteria of ASTM F2129 standard
Jeniffer Caballero Sarmiento, Estefanía Correa Muñoz, Hugo Estupiñan Duran
Optimal deployment and routing geographic of UDAP for advanced metering infrastructure based on MST algorithm
Cristian Ganán, Esteban Inga, Roberto Hincapié
Estimation of optimal operation policies associated with the generated affectations: case study El Cuchillo dam
Sadoth Fabián Huerta Loera, Ramón Domínguez Mora
The methodology of machinery and equipment maintenance adopted by the textile industries located in the Zona da Mata Mineira
Lisleandra Machado, Manoel Gonçales Filho, Nilton Cesar Carrazo, Ana Carolina Melega Duarte de Oliveira, Lívia Meneguite Ávila, Neuzete Pires Ferreira, Fernando Celso de Campos
Influence of environmental management systems in organizations ISO 14001: case study manufacturing enterprises of Barranquilla
Norberto Acuña, Lindsay Figueroa, María Jimena Wilches
Contribution to the inverse logistics be means of implantation of the reuse through the Petri nets
L.O. Vega de la Cruz, C.E. Marrero Fornaris, M.C. Pérez Pravia
Methodology for assessing ethical level in organizations
Juan Antonio Plasencia Soler, Fernando Marrero Delgado, Miriam Nicado Garc
Linear approximation model for the assessment of resilience in a supply chain
Daniel Romero Rodríguez, Weimar Ardila Rueda, Ernesto Cantillo Guerrero, Alvaro Sierra Altamiranda, Fabián Sánchez Sánchez
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