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Volume 25N.º 2 April - Jun 2017


The resource allocation to State universities in the context of accountability: The logic of Macro Agreements in the case of Chile
Álvaro Palma Quiroz, Emilio Rodríguez-Ponce


Multiobjective reconfiguration in primary power distribution systems
Irina Salazar Fonseca, Sergio Pablo de la Fé Dotres, Gustavo Torres Guerrero
Life and productivity of the cutting tool in milling hardened steel finish AISI D6
Yanier Sánchez Hechavarría, Anselmo Eduardo Diniz, Mariza Mariño Cala
Numerical and experimental analysis of a RVE condition for heterogeneous materials using BEM and thermal images
Matheus B.A.M. Oberg, Carla T.M. Anflor
A novel rule generator for intrusion detection based on frequent subgraph mining
Vitali Herrera-Semenets, Andres Gago-Alonso
Ultrasonic-based monitoring of tapered roller bearings in frequency and time domains
Jabid Quiroga Méndez, Omar Ardila Sánchez, Gustavo Andrés Martínez Gordillo
Analysis of students’ academic performance using Fuzzy Data Warehouse
Carolina Zambrano Matamala, Angélica Urrutia Sepúlveda, Marcela Varas Contreras
Procedure for manufacturing machines elements through technology group in small and medium enterprises
Alexis Cordovés García, Jaime José Sanzano Tamayo, Arlys Michel Lastre Aleaga, Ricardo Ávila Rondón
A new definition of internal logistics and how to evaluate it
Orlem Pinheiro de Lima, Sandro Breval Santiago, Carlos Manuel Rodríguez Taboada, Neimar Follmann
Science management at the university: case study CUJAE
Alicia Alonso Becerra, Orestes Llanes Santiago, Ester Michelena Fernández, María Sonia Fleitas Triana, Rolando Serra Toledo
Uses of ICT in Latin America: a characterization
Darío J. Quiroga-Parra, Joan Torrent-Sellens, Claudia Patricia Murcia Zorrilla
Instrument to assess the status of maintenance management on bioproduct plants: Case study
Armando Díaz Concepción, Alfredo Del Castillo Serpa, Leisis Villar Ledo
Microstructure and mechanical properties measured by microindentation and nanoindentation of 4.5 YSZ coating elaborated by suspension plasma spraying
Andrés G. González H., Francy M. Hurtado, Esperanza López
Inventory Management Methodology to determine the levels of integration and collaboration in supply chain
Katherinne Salas-Navarro, Henry Maiguel-Mejía, Jaime Acevedo-Chedid
Validation of the self assessment survey of the administrative and service units
M. Soledad Campo Herrera, Ma. Carmen Ortega Navas
Pigment production by Aphanothece microscopica Nägeli from dairy industrial waste
Nívia M. Streit, Luis G. Ramírez-Mérida, Leila Queiroz Zepka, Eduardo Jacob-Lopes, Maria I. Queiroz
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