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Volume 25N.º 3 Jun - September 2017


The strategic challenges for the research management into university at the knowledge society
Emilio Rodríguez-Ponce
Analysis of LTE and LTE-Advanced system features through simulation processes
Giselle González, Danaisy Prado, Francisco Marante, Arielys Ledesma
Compressive sensing applied to efficient white spaces detection in multiband signals - methodological validation
Evelio Astaiza, Héctor Bermúdez
Control of electric demand applying genetic algorithms
Davel Borges Vasconcellos, Pedro Puch González, Geovanny Frías González
Multicriteria Hybrid Method - ROA, for the choice of generation of renewable sources: case study in shopping centers
Alvaro R. Restrepo-Garcés, Diego F. Manotas-Duque, Carlos A. Lozano
A new approach to solve the distribution system planning problem considering automatic reclosers
Oscar D. Montoya G., Alejandro Grajales O., Ricardo A. Hincapié I., Mauricio Granada E.
Implementation of the Dynamic Semantic Ontological Framework
Taniana Rodríguez, Jose Aguilar
Quality evaluation in software development model driven by models
Viviana Esterkin, Claudia Pons
Strategic management of the Colombian Community of Advanced Computing 3CoA® by using SWOT analysis and co-creation
Liliana González Palacio, Mauricio González Palacio
Effect of anaerobic-oxic-anoxic (AOA) sequence on the elimination of organic matter, phosphorus and nitrogen in a modified SBR at laboratory scale
Mauricio Ramos Ramos, Juan F. Muñoz Paredes, Julio C. Saldarriaga Molina
Embedment strength of steel dowel in wood specimens according to ABNT NBR 7190:1997 and ASTM D5764: 2007 Standards
Julio Cesar Molina, Diego Rodrigues de Oliveira, Murilo Negreli, Ernesto Abel Fernando Friedmann Pallarolas
Turning performance analysis using coefficient of tool life in relation to the volume of removed material
Yoandrys Morales Tamayo, Yusimit Zamora Hernández, Patricia del Carmen Zambrano Robledo, Roberto Félix Beltrán Reyna
Mechanical strategies of arborescent plants: structural teachings of trees
Gustavo Vargas
GRASP approach for the unrelated parallel machines scheduling problem with makespan minimization and sequence dependent setup times
Eduardo Salazar Hornig, Claudia Ávila Thieme
Method to calculate the added value in supply chain of electromechanical products
Andrey Vinajera-Zamora, Fernando Marrero-Delgado, Mariana Ruiz-Morales
Methodology for comparison of Enterprise Resource Planning systems for port logistics
Paola A. Sánchez-Sánchez, José Rafael García-González, Luis Eduardo Ortiz-Ospino
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