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Volume 26N.º 2 April - Jun 2018


The challenges for corporate governance in universities in the knowledge era
Andrés Bernasconi, Emilio Rodríguez-Ponce


Management maintenance in high voltage circuit breakers. State of the art
Israel Gondres Torné, Santiago Lajes Choy, Alfredo del Castillo Serpa
Locating mobile devices in indoor environments by analysis of WiFi network radiation and magnetic field distortions
Carlos A. Gómez R., Luis F. Pedraza
Develop of speed three-phase variator: programing focused on multitasking
Santiago Benavides-Córdoba, Nicolás Muñoz-Galeano, Juan B. Cano-Quintero
Compressed sensing multiespectral model for cognitive radio networks
Jeison Marin, Leonardo Betancur, Henry Arguello
Nanophotonics to analyze biofuels
Beynor Antonio Paez-Sierra, Diana Maritza Marulanda Cardona
Interpolation schemes for valve closure modelling
John Twyman Q.
State of mechanical condition applied to industrial machines based on SVD method
Tomasz Ka?aczyski, Ronald M. Martinod
Industrial airflows numerical simulation in ducts and devices using all-speed algorithm in structured meshes
Robson Leal da Silva, João Luiz Filgueiras de Azevedo
Optimal selection of conductors in distribution systems using tabu search algorithm
O.D. Montoya G., A. Grajales, R.A. Hincapié I.
Organizational and environment factors that predict the use of ICT in Chilean companies: An application of neural networks
Karina Carvajal Cuello, Manuel Ossa Barraza, Alejandro Cataldo Cataldo
Water hammer analysis using an implicit finite-difference method
John Twyman Q.
Statistical study of wind speed and direction in the departments of Atlántico and Bolivar in Colombia
Jhonatan De la Cruz Buelvas, Guillermo Valencia Ochoa, Marley Vanegas Chamorro
Experimental evaluation of venezuelan cassava drying by using a hybrid air heating system
Pedro José Miranda Lugo, Keimer Alonso Martínez Padilla, Ramiro Torres Gallo, Jorge Mario Mendoza Fandiño, Rafael David Gómez Vasquez
Characterization of user interface development frameworks for interactive systems based on video content distribution
Alexandra Ruiz, Jose L. Arciniegas, William J. Giraldo
Effectiveness as a multidimensional construct in the determination of strategies of enterprise informatization
Lisett Pérez Quintero, Jorge Carrera Ortega, Ana María García Pérez
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