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Volume 26N.º 3 July - September 2018


The accomplishment of scientific and technological activities in the school population and their contribution to the regional scientific development
Mónica Navarrete


Development of a software architecture for mobile robot Lázaro
Jesús M. García, Ángel E. Gil, Ender A. Sánchez
Partial maintenance to high voltage breakers management model using artificial intelligence
Israel Gondres Torné, Santiago Lajes Choy, Alfredo del Castillo Serpa
Lightning performance analysis of transmission lines using the Monte Carlo method and parallel computing
RMLSA algorithm for flexible optical networks under dynamic operation
Ariel Leiva L., Robert Ahumada C., Alejandra Beghelli Z., Ricardo Olivares V.
A comparative study of corrosion resistance in welded joints of aluminium alloy AA1100 obtained by friction-stir and Gas Metal arc welding processes
Rafael J. Rodríguez, Carlos A. Caballis, María Mercedes Cely B., Jimy Unfried-Silgado
Microstructural and mechanical characterization of dual phase steels (ferrite-martensite), obtained by thermomechanical processes
David Eduardo Castillo Gutiérrez, Irma Inírida Angarita Moncaleano, Rodolfo Rodríguez Baracaldo
Properties and in-service performance of components reated with thermo reactive deposition/diffusion
D.M. Marulanda, D. Toro, F.E. Castillejo, B.A. Páez-Sierra, J.J. Olaya
Characterization of traffic of the video streaming service based on lexical analyzers
Wilmar Yesid Campo Muñoz, Hector Fabio Bermudez, Evelio Astaiza Hoyos
Use of water-based polyurethane dispersions in adhesive joint of SBR 1502/Natural flour with silanes as primers
Oscar Buitrago Suescún, Emilio Delgado Tobón, Mario Monroy Ramírez
Diseño de un agente para sistemas complejos como herramienta para ciencia basada en diseño
Robinson Jiménez Moreno, Ruben Hernández B., Javier Martínez
Methodologies, techniques and tools in requirements engineering: a systematic mapping
Dante Carrizo, Jorge Rojas
Evaluation of role performance in software development teams. Use of valuation scales
Yucely López Trujillo, Margarita André Ampuero, Ana Lilian Infante Abreu, Katerine Escalera Fariñas, Sandra Verona Marcos
How knowledge engineering is applied in market reach? Study of case
Vanessa Rodríguez-Lora, Alejandro Valencia Arias
ERP Odoo configuration experience for small business. Successful case in TostoneT
Yanelis Pavón González, Liber Puente Baró, Marta Infante Abreu, Jeffrey Blanco González
Involved factors in the research results transfer in higher educational institutions
Jackeline Macias Urrego, Alejandro Valencia Arias, Iván Montoya Restrepo
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