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Volume 26N.º 4 October - December 2018


Industry 4.0: towards the electrification of energy
Dr. Horacio Díaz Rojas


Numerical validation of viewFactor and FVDOM radiation models of OpenFOAM® and application in the study of food furnaces.
Sílvio Aparecido Verdério Júnior, Vicente Luiz Scalon, Elson Avallone, Paulo César Mioralli
Mobile and wireless system coverage with ideal power control and user mobility
Julio Elmer Londoño García, Ricardo Velasco Arcos, Víctor Fabián Miramá Pérez, Claudia Milena Hernández
Fracture mechanics assessment of fatigue semi-elliptical cracks in butt-welded joints
Edgar Hernández Laguna, Nelson Arzola de la Peña, Oscar Araque de los Ríos
Effect of heating rate on the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of titanium alloy modified
Ma. Mercedes Cely, Grey Castellar O., Jhorman Pereira C., Robert Ángel V.
Chronoamperometric studies of triazines transfer across the interface of two immiscible electrolyte solutions
Cervando Sánchez Muñoz, Rosario Enríquez Rosado, Héctor López Arjona, Miguel Velázquez Manzanares
Incidence of intellectual capital in the financial performance of universities of Chile
Carlos Galleguillos Cortés, José Luis Silva Muna, Pablo Becerra Muñoz
Smart Grid Analysis and Management in Colombia towards ETAP Real Time solution
R. Franco-Manrique, E. Gómez-Luna, C. A. Ramos-Sánchez
Wear analysis in front loaders parts, by using finite element models
Paolo Fuentes, Jaime Villanueva, Edgar Estupiñan
Design and evaluation of an experimental refrigeration system working by solar adsorption
Francisco Ernesto Moreno García, Enio Pedone Bandarra filho, Dinael Guevara Ibarra
Port sustainability management based on a Bayesian network model Application to the spanish port system
Beatriz Molina Serrano, Nicoletta González-Cancelas, Francisco Soler-Flores
Reference model for the integration of business modeling to requirements engineering: a proposal from the software industry
María Claudia Bonfante, Luis Alfredo Blanquicett, Enrique Díaz Infante
Roughness study by Fourier analysis of the injectors nozzles in systems common rail (CRDI)
Luis Mena N., Marcelo Román, Edilberto Antonio Llanes Cedeño, Norma Barreno, Stalin Mena Palacio, Juan Carlos Rocha-Hoyos
3D Numerical Modeling applied to analysis of piled foundations
Jean Rodrigo Garcia, Paulo José Rocha de Albuquerque
Knowledge management, organizational policy for business today
Erica Janet Agudelo Ceballos, Alejandro Valencia Arias
Review of maturity models in business processes management
Gabriel Páez, Claudia Rohvein, Diana Paravie, Mario Jaureguiberry
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