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Volume 28N.º 1 January - March 2020


Data, Science and Engineering
Juan Vega Vargas


Control of a ball-and-plate system using a State-feedback controller
David Núñez, Gustavo Acosta, Jovani Jiménez
Two-dimensional cyclic code with synchronization property for channels with class A noise
Washington Fernández, Krzysztof Herman
A flow control algorithm for high-speed computer networks
Ginno Millán Naveas, Manuel Vargas Guzmán
Chemical equilibrium model to represent solubilities of ternary systems and their application to the prediction of eutectic of quaternary systems
Jorge A. Lovera, Svetlana Ushak, Elsa K. Flores, Angel G. Fernández, Héctor Galleguillos
Business process management technologies adoption: a systematic literature review
Yuliet Espinosa Cruz, Carlos Ramón López Paz, Claudia Ivette Castro Zamora, Ricardo Arencibia Jorge
Improving the processes of production through risk management and statistical tools
Alexander D. Pulido-Rojano, Alex Ruiz-Lázaro, Luis Eduardo Ortiz-Ospino
Organizational design through a systemic and cybernetic approach: The case of an enterprise of sanitation
Robensoy Marco Taipe Castro
Comparing two active learning strategies for teaching Scrum in an introductory software engineering course
Silvia I. Lozano, Elizabeth Suescún, Paola Vallejo, Raúl Mazo, Daniel Correa
Performance of ISO P and ISO S carbide tools in hard turning of AISI 4140 under dry and MQL conditions
Matheus S. Polly, Amália Mayrhofer, André J. Souza
Methodology for the identification of dynamic capacities for entrepreneurship in Higher Education Institutions
Rubén Darío Zea-Fernández, Martha Luz Benjumea-Arias, Alejandro Valencia-Arias
Quality service in micro business in the wood crafts sector in a suburb of Mérida, México
Marbella Guatzozón Maldonado, Ana María Canto Esquivel, Andrés Pereyra Chan
An inventory management model based on competitive strategy
Adolfo González
Management procedure to ensure the quality of a university. Case study Technical University of Manabí
Vicente Félix Veliz Briones, Alicia Alonso Becerra, Daniel Alfonso Robaina, María Sonia Fleitas Triana, Ester Michelena Fernández
Interaction with the interest groups (Mipymes) through the technical extensionism service
Alfonso Ramón Chung Pinzás1
Analysis of the influence of soil in the thermal performance of subterranean rooms in a ground-level building in São Paulo, Brazil, via EnergyPlus
Bruna Cristina Resende, Henor Artur de Souza, Adriano Pinto Gomes
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