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Volume 28N.º 4 October - December 2020


Data Science: towards automated decision making
Mauricio Arriagada-Benítez


An agent based routing search methodology for improving QoS in MANET
Amit Kumar Bairwa, Sandeep Joshi
A method for semi-automatic conceptual models representation from business documents written in natural language in spanish
Diego Alejandro Marín-Alvarez, Bell Manrique-Losada, Juan Bernardo Quintero
Online analyzer for a solvent extraction process
Claudio Ayala, José Gallardo, Rubén Vásquez
Metrics for the support of visual exploration of components in data mining models
Fernando Medina-Quispe, Wilson Castillo-Rojas, Claudio Meneses Villegas
Comparative study of classical PID control algorithms for the angular control of an electromechanical arm
Hernán Astudillo Roblero, José Gallardo Arancibia, Claudio Ayala Bravo
Aligning the life cycle of a project with a BI maturity model: a proposal for the preliminary analysis stage
Loreto Castillo Abarca, Vianca Vega Zepeda, Claudio Meneses Villegas
SMELLWARE: a game for teaching best practices within the software development process
Carlos Mario Zapata Jaramillo, María Clara Gómez Alvarez, Juan Carlos Hernández Palencia
Software Maintainability. Considerations for its specification and validation
Jenny Adones Farfán, Vianca Vega-Zepeda
Analysis of the academic performance of Systems Engineering students, desertion possibilities and proposals for retention
Norka Bedregal-Alpaca, Doris Tupacyupanqui-Jaén, Víctor Cornejo-Aparicio
Fall detection system for people using video surveillance
César Augusto Quinayás Burgos, Darío Fernando Quintero Benavidez, Estefani Ruíz Omen, José Luis Narváez Semanate
Qualitative stomach cancer assessment by multi-slice computed tomography
Gerardo Chacón, Johel E. Rodríguez, Valmore Bermúdez, Miguel Vera, Juan Diego Hernandez, Aldo Pardo, Carlos Lameda, Delia Madriz, Antonio José Bravo
Battery charger design with low current harmonic distortion for application in electric vehicles
César C. Paipa, Julio C. Ramirez, César L. Trujillo R., Jorge A. Alarcón V., Adolfo A. Jaramillo M.
Development of steel castings to be heat treated by carbo-austempering
Oscar Ríos-Diez, Claudia Patricia Serna Giraldo, Ricardo Aristizábal-Sierra
Characterization of the shared mobility of the transport network companies in Mexico: entropy, homeostasis, negentropy
Mario Guadalupe González Pérez
Modelling biodiesel production from microalgae, using industrial wastewater as a growth medium
Karen Pérez, Danny Ibarra, Miguel Ballen-Segura
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