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Volume 29N.º 2 April - Jun 2021


Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Jorge Díaz-Ramírez


Factors influencing the acceptance of intelligent devices inserted into the body
Karina Carvajal, Alejandro Cataldo, María Amparo Mejía, Guiovanna Paola Sabogal-Alfaro
Conceptual model for technical microgrids conception: a case study in Colombia
Juan David Mina-Casaran, Diego Fernando Echeverry, Carlos Arturo Lozano
Generic competences in the professional practice of the Electrical Engineering. The discourse between academia and industry
Andrea Garrido Rivera, Fabricio Salgado Díaz, Carmen Paz Soto Caro, Paulette Blanc España
Comparison of the performance of MPPT methods applied in converters Buck and Buck-Boost for autonomous photovoltaic systems
Julio López Seguel, S.I. Seleme Jr., Lenin M.F. Morais
Remote Terminal Module, for data acquisition, monitoring and control of Agro-industrial processes - AgriculTIC
Jorge Enrique Chaparro Mesa, Nelson Barrera Lombana, Fredy Alonso León Socha
Impact of Standardization and Scaling: factor to predicting costs in projects through artificial neural network
Joselyn Rodríguez González, Edgar Ugalde Saborio
Fuzzy inference model for the calculation of key performance indicators
Francisco J. Peña Veitía, Elieser E. Bello, Rafael Bello, Gheisa L. Ferreira Lorenzo, Ana M. García Pérez
Adaptive nodes algorithm to solve the orphan nodes problem in a ZigBee Tree WSN
Christian David Escobar-Amado, Jose Miguel Celis-Peñaranda, Sergio Basilio Sepúlveda-Mora1 Sergio Alexander Castro-Casadiego, Byron Medina-Delgado, Dinael Guevara
Computational fluid dynamic simulation of the hemodynamics of a brain aneurysm under the action of an external magnetic field
Melisa Cardona, Alejandro Rivera, Juan Ramírez
Investigation of the wear of the annular cam of the high pressure pump DENSO HP3 for CRDI systems within the use of the Fourier Transform and the analysis of the performance using an ecological mixture of Diesel - surfactant as an alternative fuel
Germán Erazo, Julieta Bassante Barberán, Santiago Díaz Vivanco, Marcelo Román, Norma Barreno, Alexandra Corral
Hydraulic design and laboratory-scale evaluation of a RBC (Rotating Biological Contactor) system for primary non-domestic wastewater tank from a non-alcoholic Beverage Industry
Luisa Fernanda Quintero Pulgar, Andrés Felipe Molano Guarín, Laura Mariela Pramparo
Effects of sulphidity on flexural strength of fiber-cement boards reinforced with guadua angustifolia kunth fibers with alkaline pretreatments
Luz Adriana Sanchez-Echeverri, Jorge Alberto Medina-Perilla, Germán Camilo Quintana, Eshmaiel Ganjian
Software quality measures and their relationship with the states of the software system alpha
Wilder Perdomo, Carlos M. Zapata
Fenton processes as a complementary treatment for the removal of surfactants and coliforms from municipal wastewater
David Naranjo-Tovar, Leandro Morillo-Semanate, Jady Pérez, William Villacis-Oñate, Paul Vargas-Jentzsch, Florinella Muñoz-Bisesti
Predicting 15-day unplanned readmissions in hospitalization departments: an application of logistic regression
Miguel Ortiz-Barrios, Zenaida Altamar-Maldonado, Cielo Martínez-Solano, Antonella Petrillo, Fabio De Felice, Genett Jiménez-Delgado, Aracely García-Cuan, Ana M. Medina-Buelvas
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