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Volume 29N.º 3 July - September 2021


The future electrical networks
Pablo Guicharrousse
Port operations on crude oil: A bibliographic review on simulation and operations research
Ignacio de la Peña Zarzuelo, María Jesús Freire Seoane, Beatriz López Bermúdez
What’s the role of brand identity in creating value of the electricity sector? A dynamic model-based analysis
Milton M. Herrera
A multi-objective vehicle routing problem with simultaneous pick-up and delivery and minimization of emissions
José Ruiz-Meza
Incidence of intellectual capital in the financial performance of chilean universities for the 2014-2018 period
Carlos Galleguillos Cortés, José Luis Silva Munar, Yulissa Angüis Fúster, Rubén Hurtado Cailly
Centile-based decompensation early warning score system in pediatric inpatients
Patricio Wolff, Sebastián A. Ríos
Leadership in higher education institutions: An analysis through Bibliometrix R
Liliana Pedraja-Rejas, Emilio Rodríguez-Ponce, Andrés Bernasconi, Camila Muñoz-Fritis
Finite element method for calculating the electromagnetic field around an electrical transmission line
Raúl Sanhueza H., Ildefonso Harnisch V., Sebastián Rojo A.
Wear inspection in electrical contact using instance segmentation
Vladimir Riffo, David Rojas
Evaluating an information capture progression model for software requirements
Dante Carrizo, Jacqueline Manriquez
Diagnosis of neuropathies in diabetic patients by applying machine learning
Claudio Meneses Villegas, David Coo Aqueveque
Analysis of data on the use and consumption of internet services differentiated by gender in university students
Carmen Burgos Videla, Wilson Castillo-Rojas
Hybrid evolutionary algorithm for the permutation flow shop scheduling problem with shifts constraints
Manuel Eduardo García Jiménez, Omar Alexis Becerra Sierra, Juan Carlos Rivera
Sentiment analysis for spanish reviews on Google Play Store using BERT
Juan José López Condori, Freddy Orlando Gonzales Saji
Prediction of COVID-19 cases and location-allocation optimization model for bases and ambulances considering vulnerability factors
Samantha Reid Calderón, Orietta Nicolis, Billy Peralta, Franco Menares
F_RULE: A new programming language created to evaluate flow rules in a process management systems development platform
Fabián Silva Pavez, Marco Mora Cofré
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