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Volume 29N.º 4 October - December 2021


Leadership, public policy and inclusion in universities: Strategic imperatives
Liliana Pedraja-Rejas, Andrés Bernasconi


Implementation of the last planner system in colombian construction sector: A case study
Maria Fernanda Hoyos Restrepo, Luis Fernando Botero Botero
Comparison of the performance of PID controller on level process using programmable logic controller and embedded systems
Leonardo Antonio Bermeo Varon, Juan Gonzalo Alvarez, William Mantilla Arenas
Effects of demand response in residential users on the reconfiguration of a distribution system considering the colombian context
Millher F. Ladino, Alexis J. Bocanegra, Geovanny A. Marulanda, Diana Lancheros-Cuesta
Key performance indicators in container terminals and their relationship with environmental sustainability. Application to the spanish port system
María del Mar Gesé Bordils, Nicoletta González-Cancelas, Beatriz Molina Serrano
Genetic algorithm for the strategic location of a network of fire hydrants
Giancarlo Esquivel Saldaña, Emerson Domínguez Honorio, Jorge Gutiérrez Gutiérrez
Neural network ARMAX model for a Furuta pendulum
David Acosta Villamil, Jovanny Pacheco Bolivar, Jose Noguera Polania, Marco Sanjuan Mejia
Effect of Cooling Speed on the Workability of AA2195 Alloy
Ernesto G. Maffia, Nicolás Hoffmann, Lucas E Feloy, Juan L. Lacoste, Ana Laura Cozzarin
Management of economic and financial risk of investments in assets for extraction of non-metallic mineral extracts
Izabelle Martinez Martinez, Gislaine Cristina Batistela, Danilo Simões
Gesture-based multi-threaded programming interface: A prototype
Raúl A. Herrera-Acuña
Dimension reduction analysis for the recognition of human physical activities using multimodal fusion
Daniel Rengifo Almanza, Andrés Calvo Salcedo, Carlos Henao Baena
Study of performance and leadership in industrial engineering students using social network analysis
Giuliani Coluccio Piñones, Maritza Muñoz-Pareja
LFSR optimization model based on the adaptive coefficients method for ERNC reconfigurable systems
Cecilia Sandoval-Ruiz
Lorentz condition and electromagnetic waves equations as emergent properties of the Maxwell system
Yudier Peña Pérez, Juan Bory Reyes
Using K-means algorithm to classify customer profiles with data from smart energy consumption meters: A case study
Lester Marrero, Dante Carrizo, Luis García-Santander, Fernando Ulloa-Vásquez
Measurement of interpersonal trust in virtual software teams: A systematic literature review
Sergio Zapata, José L. Barros-Justo, Gerardo Matturro, Samuel Sepúlveda
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