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Volume 30N.º 2 April - Jun 2022


Network security in communications: Perspectives and challenges
Daniel Sebastián Pacheco


Simulation of wireless communication WAN for internet of things: A case study
Fernando Ulloa-Vásquez,Luis García-Santander, Dante Carrizo
Stylometric analysis in Python applied to epistolaries of the nobel prize in literature, Gabriela Mistral
Nataly Ruiz-Cornejo, Mauricio Arriagada-Benítez
A proposal of educational games classification for software engineering
María Clara Gómez-Álvarez, Carlos Mario Zapata Jaramillo
Data quality evaluation in open data in the municipality context: A systematic literature review
Alejandro Troncoso-González, Alfonso Rodríguez, Angélica Caro
Knowledge management and organizational culture in Chilean higher education institutions
Emilio Rodríguez-Ponce, Liliana Pedraja-Rejas, Camila Muñoz-Fritis, Carmen Araneda-Guirriman
Study of fracture mechanics on low carbon steel under different biaxial loading states using an Arcan type device
Juan Manuel Anduquia, Santiago Vargas Salazar, Deisy Valeria Ortiz, Carlos Alberto Narváez Tovar, Rodolfo Rodríguez Baracaldo
Insertion of viscoelastic layer to absorb the propagation of energy due to vertical slamming impacts in fiberglass reinforced plastic vessel
Patrick Townsend, Juan C. Suárez-Bermejo, Paz Pinilla, Nadia Muñoz
Economic, social and environmental analysis of ambulant sales in Barranquilla’s public market sector
Rafael Oyaga Martínez, Leidy Milena Mora Higuera, Pedro Jessid Pacheco Torres, Alberto Redondo Salas, Orlando Miranda Samper, Jean Agustín Velásquez Piñas
Conceptual model and instrument on the functions of the project management office in educational settings
Miguel Velásquez Velásquez, Elda Cristina Mora Cardona, Jorge Iván Pérez Rave
The virtual ITalent 2.0 methodology in the generation of disruptive innovations
Jorge Luís Inche Mitma, Alfonso Ramón Chung Pinzás
Review of demand-side management mechanisms for home energy management
Miguel A. Dávila R., César L. Trujillo R., Adolfo A. Jaramillo M.
Emission factors of modified concrete with glass in replacing of fine aggregates
Oscar Felipe Arbelaez Pérez, Juan José Agudelo Pino, Mateo Acevedo Diosa, Santiago Valencia Ciro
A neuro-fuzzy inference system for stakeholder classification
Yasiel Pérez Vera, Anié Bermudez Peña
Emergency training with augmented reality in case of tsunami or earthquake in the Arica city
Ignacio Rojas Jorquera, Diego Aracena Pizarro
An empirical comparison of machine learning versus deep learning algorithms for fake news detection in social networks
Luis Rojas Rubio, Claudio Meneses Villegas
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