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Volume 30N.º 4 October - December 2022


Access to energy, through green energy cooperatives
Alejandro Rodríguez Estay


Empirical study of the perception of techniques for the software requirements elicitation
Dante Carrizo
Relationship between academic capitalism and quality in Chilean universities: A quantitative study
José Joaquín Brunner, Emilio Rodríguez-Ponce, Liliana Pedraja-Rejas, Julio Labraña
Leadership styles and shared leadership emergence in university team students
Giuliani Coluccio Piñones, Liliana Pedraja-Rejas, Cristian Fredes Jofre, Claudia Miranda Vega
Implementation of a three-phase electric energy analyzer using Adaline networks and Rogowski coils with integrator circuit
Francisco J. Alcántara Benjumea, Teresa E. Núñez Zúñiga, Edmundo Picón Llanos, Josué Alvariño Cosar, Eddy S. Aranguren Pascasio
Modeling failures and repair times of the rifle FAMAE SG 542-1 applying hierarchical coloured Petri nets
Nicolás Mathias Aguayo Quiroz, Héctor Rodrigo Reyes Campaña
A study on the impact of EMI lighting systems on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi communication networks
Luana Merenciano da Silva, Lorenna Baptista de Oliveira, Julia Fernandes Araujo, Marcio Zamboti Fortes, Joacir de Oliveira Silva
Knowledge transfer in software development teams using gamification: a quasi-experiment
Luz Marcela Restrepo-Tamayo, Gloria Piedad Gasca-Hurtado, Saray Galeano Ospino, Liliana Machuca-Villegas
Progress status in the development of software projects supported by Semat and QFD
Luis Fernando Castro Rojas, Esperanza Espitia Peña
Ability of engineering undergraduates to solve real function limit problems
Verónica Díaz
Application of total quality management tools in the risk analysis of pathologies in steel-structured buildings
Giane Alfenas Antunes Hofmann, Henor Artur de Souza
Implementation of a methodology for the integration of management systems based on NTC-ISO 14001:2015 and NTC-ISO 45001:2018: A case study in the construction sector
Sherida Molina-Reyes, Jorge Cervera-Cárdenas, Alexander Pulido-Rojano
Finite element method applied to magnetic flux analysis in large synchronous machines with short circuit faults in the rotor
Edgardo Arrieta, Neider Romero, Melissa Torregroza, Isaias Fuly
Adapted low voltage network for a random scenario of photovoltaic distributed generation in Argentina
Alejandro Jurado, Edgardo Vinson, Fernando Nicchi
Empirical study on learning curves in logistics management systems
Yalili Rodríguez Romero, Roberto Cespón Castro, Nelson Javier Tovar Perilla
Definition of entry profiles in engineering from the characteristics of the students
Álvaro Suazo-Schwencke, Paulette Blanc, Fabricio Salgado
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