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Low environmental impact oil drilling fluid filtration control using cassava starch
Fausto Ramos Aguirre, Olga Chadrina, Fausto Freire Carrera, Jonathan Guaquipana Paredes, Henry Romero Cortez
A novel dynamic state estimation algorithm for distribution networks using different forecasting methods
Lautaro E. Valenzuela, Matías Antúnez, Mariano A. Risso, Pablo A. Lotito, Aldo Rubiales
Development model based on usability metrics for the construction of educational mobile applications
Jorge Luis Escobar Reynel, Rubén Enrique Baena Navarro, Deimer David Yepes Miranda
Development and validation of a new electrical risk assessment method for the prevention and mitigation of damage to people and installations
Ronaldo López Serrazina, Jaime Jiménez Ayala, Joaquín Catalá Alis
Challenges and opportunities of zonal transmission planning in Chile considering particularities of the distribution system
Diego Altamirano, Mauricio Samper, Luis García-Santander, Diego Quiroz, Eduardo Salazar, Mauro Jurado, Mariano Oro, Leopoldo Rodríguez, Claudio Roa
Numerical evaluation of the ductile fracture for AA6101-T4 and AISI 4340 alloys using the Lemaitre and Gurson models
Leonel L. Delgado-Morales, Lucival Malcher, Tiago R. Alves de Souza
Communication practices related to scientific publications in engineering education
Ciro Jaramillo, Omaira Vergara-Luján
Modelling and mathematical fitting of efficiency functions for FC hybrid topologies
Harrynson Ramírez-Murillo, Fabián Salazar-Cáceres, Carlos A. Torres-Pinzón
Tool wear models: about the modeling hypothesis
Fernando Ramírez Paredes
Application of a multiagent system for resource distribution in humanitarian logistics
Gabriel Icarte-Ahumada, Eduardo Riveras
Improvement in the purchase of imported goods through machine learning models for intelligent decision making
Adolfo González, Mauricio Arriagada
Towards real-time accurate safety helmets detection through a deep learning-based method
Roger Max Calle Quispe, Maya Aghaei Gavari, Eduardo Aguilar Torres
Simultaneous location and mapping for control of an autonomous mobile robot using LiDAR point cloud scans and Machine Learning methods
Ricardo Urvina Córdova, Eduardo Aguilar Torres, Alvaro Prado Romo
A metaverse to carry out gamification activities in the area of people management Patricio Reyes Bravo1
Patricio Reyes Bravo, David Contreras Aguilar, Francisco García Barrera
Characterization of natural fiber reinforced epoxy resins composites using cabuya and sugarcane: mechanical properties comparative analysis
Edwin Arroyo-Terán, Rommel Imbaquingo-Navarrete, Ramiro Rosero Añazco
Apple quality grading for harvestability monitoring using computer visión and deep learning algorithms
Andrés Alejandro Garcés Cadena, Oswaldo Aníbal Menéndez Granizo, Edgar Patricio Córdova, Alvaro Javier Prado Romo
Visual-aid positioning using point cloud compression and RGB-D cameras for robotic manipulators
Estefan Iván Cisternas Velásquez, Julio Andrés del Río Caldumbide, Alvaro Javier Prado Romo, Oswaldo Aníbal Menéndez Granizo
A systematic review of how wireless Communications work and interact in a natural disaster situation in Iquique city
Laura Gallardo Contreras, Fernando Medina Quispe, Mauricio Oyarzun Silva
Relationship model of attitude and aptitude in the typology of the entrepreneur
Jorge Luís Inche Mitma, Alfonso Ramón Chung Pinzás
Mathematical model by parametric identification and fuzzy controller design in the cooling section of a fluid heating-cooling plant
Jhonny Ortiz-Mata, José L. Saquinaula-Brito, Alberto León-Batallas
Combinatorial optimization algorithm with coordinate search method to locate and size distributed generation plants in a radial distribution electrical system
Carlos Abel Perdomo Pérez, Ariel Santos Fuentefria, Alfredo M. del Castillo Serpa, Urbano José Pedraza Ferreira
Importance of position descriptions and their impact on work performance. Case: D’moda company (Tacna, Peru)
Jorge Bernal Peralta, Sharon Riveros Arteaga, Lucio Valderrama
Bibliometric review of the analysis of harmonio losses in public lighting systems
Adriano Pinheiros Fragoso, Mareio Zamboti Fortes, Dyego Augusto Paixão Moraes, Lucas Gappo Ferreira da Silva
Comparative study of the application of 5 multicriteria decision methods in the case of selection of teaching staff
Juan Manuel Izar Landeta, José Adrián Nájera Saldaña, Lizbeth Angélica Zárate Camacho
Methods for estimating agricultural cropland yield based on the comparison of NDVI images analyzed by means of Image segmentation algorithms: A tool for spatial planning decisions
David D. Hernández Molina, Julio M. Gulfo Galaraga, Ana Milena López López, Claudia M. Serpa Imbett
Use of papermaking sludge in the manufacture of bricks for the construction of non-structural walls
Ferney Oswaldo Peña Rey, Edwin Francisco Forero-Garcia, Diego Andres Quezada Romero
Solid waste recovery logistics networks in Mexico: a macroscopic analysis using geographic information systems
Javier Gómez Maturano
Diffuse expert system for the diagnosis of the health index of electric transformers
Franklin Rolando Camacho Cañizares, Galo Mauricio López Sevilla, Teresa Milena Freire Aillón, Darío Javier Robayo Jacome
Technological and business lock-in in the chilean small and medium scale mining
César Olmos Maturana, Israel Pérez Vargas, Guillermo Uribe Pérez, Claudio Corvalán Robert, Sergio Carstens Soto
Analysis and comparison of deep learning models for user stories identification
Francisco Javier Peña Veitía, María Luciana Roldán, María Marcela Vegetti
Dea-bootstrapping analysis of the financial efficiency model of the spanish port system
José Ignacio Parra Santiago, Alberto Camarero Orive, Antonio Gil Ropero, Nicoletta González Cancelas, Javier Vaca Cabrero
Review of technology management and innovation models oriented towards the construction of a methodology for the development of biodegradable biomaterials
Santiago Quiceno Ciro, William Urrego Yepes, Juan Carlos Posada, Alejandro Valencia-Arias
Transdisciplinary and responsible research and innovation in firms: a proposal for integration
Graciela Salgado-Escobar, Mario Aguilar-Fernández
Characterization of natural fiber reinforced epoxy resins composites using cabuya and sugarcane: mechanical properties comparative analysis
Edwin Arroyo-Terán, Rommel Imbaquingo-Navarrete, Ramiro Rosero Añazco
Methodology for forecasting planning indicators in the sugar refinery industry: application
Ramiro Infante Roblejo, Cándido Figueredo Varela, Misley Milán Graell
A proposal of grinding media standardization for ball mill abrasion test
Carlos Daniel García Mendoza, Luis Santiago Quiroz Fernández, Neyfe Sablón Cossío
Technological capabilities and their relationship with the context spheres in the Mexican industry
Brenda García Jarquín, Gabriela Dutrénit Bielous, Mario Aguilar Fernández
Predictive models and environmental impact of recycled aggregate concrete carbonation: A review
Carlos Pico-Cortés, Yury Villagrán-Zaccardi
Bibliometric analysis and identification of research perspectives on the marketing-production relationship
Paola Alzate, Luz A. Rojas, Julieth F. Meneses
Procedure to determine the temperature variation of heavy oil with pseudoplastic behavior in conductive pipes
Héctor Luis Laurencio Alfonso, Yoalbys Retirado Mediaceja, Enrique Torres Tamayo
Selection of suppliers in mining. Litieras case in Argentina
Martin Thames Cantolla, Silvana Karina Valdez, Agustina Orce Schwarz
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